The problems you have right now

Your muscles are tight & sore from all your training or type of job you have.

You’ve tried stretching, pain relief and even heat rubs but little has helped.

Your stubborn aches and niggles are causing disturbed nights whether you’re a sports person or not.

Tight Hamstrings

You Need A Sports Massage!

At The Physio Practice we offer Sports Massages by a Charted Physio to help muscle tightness caused by sports or non-sport related activities.
Muscle knots occur when muscles are overworked and don’t have a chance to relax.
As a result, the muscle fibres stick together and cause that tight feeling.
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What is Sports Massage and who is it for?

Sports Massage is a massage technique involving deep tissue work to target areas of tightness.
This type of massage is ideal for athletes or for those who enjoy sport to prevent sports injuries affecting performance.

Sports Massages are also available for non-sporting people and is very effective for those who suffer from muscle tightness or spasms as a result of office-based work, gardening, driving etc.

How we will help

Initial Consultation
On your first visit to The Physio Practice we will sit with you and discuss the main areas of your pain. We will carefully map out your problems and symptoms and ask you detailed questions to help us understand where your tightness is coming from and its possible cause. However, we will spend most of the session providing you with a Sports Massage.


Treatment sessions can target specific areas of tightness or treat a general area upon request – e.g. the whole leg.

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  • 30 mins (for one area only) – £20
  • 45 mins – £25

Review session

We will review you as required or if you would like ‘top-up’ sessions in readiness for a sporting event.

The Physio Practice:

17c Woodstock Road

0115 849 0894

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