Children's Physiotherapy

Where you’re at now

Your child is in pain but you don’t know what to do about it.

You’ve tried pain relief or seen other health professionals but nothing has helped

Your child is struggling to endure their days at school and you’re worried it’s affecting their work.


What you need right now

Your child needs a full in-depth consultation at The Physio Practice to help you figure out what’s going on. Followed by, hands on treatment and/or an individualised exercise programme to help your child on their way to recovery.

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At the Physio Practice, we are here to give each child and young person the essential advice and treatment they need to help them develop to reach their full potential.

Muscle and joint problems are very common in childhood and adolescence, but many can be treated successfully with physiotherapy.

Treating children and young people is very different to treating adults. Their bodies are developing and continually changing as they grow into adulthood. As a result, the approach towards treatment may differ to that of an adult.

As well as providing specialist children’s physiotherapy support, we believe that parents should have a huge part to play in helping their child get back on track. Therefore, we spend a lot of time educating parents about their child’s condition and encouraging them to get involved in their child’s home exercise plan.

Common problems your child may be facing:

  • Fractures, Sprains and strains – Just like adults, children are at risk of injuring their bones, muscles and ligaments/tendons especially as they start to discover their surroundings! Although a lot of children bounce back into action, some require a period of rehabilitation to recover any loss in movement or strength
  • Growth spurts – All children go through rapid periods of growth. During these times, bones can grow quicker than their muscles which can cause strain on the joints and subsequent pain. Children with such problems can be treated effectively with stretching, strengthening and good advice.
  • Joint Hypermobility – Joint hypermobility is where a person’s joints are excessively flexible – aka double jointed-ness. Children who are hypermobile can sometimes feel pain or discomfort and are at greater risk of joint injury and dislocation. However, with the correct exercises and advice, we can help your child control their movements to reduce the chance of injury and enhance their performance.

How we will help

Initial consultation

On your first visit to The Physio Practice we will sit with you and your child to discuss the main areas of their pain. We will carefully map out their problems and symptoms and ask you and your child detailed questions to help us understand their pain.

A physical examination will also take place to determine the cause of your child’s pain, so please remind them to come in loose fitted clothing. Please allow 60mins to attend the clinic and bring any relevant medical letters or list of medications you may have.

During the initial assessment, we will work with you and your child to create a list of goals. A set list of goals will help everyone understand what we’re aiming for and keep you and your child motivated to work hard.


Each treatment plan will be specific to your child. We aim to make our treatment engaging so your child is motivated to do their exercises.

For older children, we may include treatment options similar to adults. These include taping, dry needling and light manual therapy – We will talk you through these treatment options at your appointment.

Review session

We will review your child as required. A follow up session is an integral part of a rehabilitation programme as treatment may need to alter or progress, for your child to reach their goal.

We’d love to help your child or young person live life to the full. Why not get in touch today to talk through your needs and find out how we can help.

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