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Frozen Shoulder

Struggling With Shoulder Pain and Movement Restriction? Frozen Shoulder aka Adhesive Capsulitis is the common source of shoulder pain. Essentially it means that shoulder capsule surrounding the joint is inflamed (capsulitis). As the body tries to heal itself, fibrous...

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Plantar Fasciitis – Foot Pain

Struggling to Walk or Run Long Distances Without Having to Stop? Plantar fasciitis is characterised by micro tears, breakdown of collagen, inflammation and scarring of the plantar fascia (a thick tendon that runs under the foot) which supports the arch of the foot....

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Knee Pain – ‘Patellofemoral Pain’

Patellofemoral Pain Explained  Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is a common cause of pain around the knee cap. When the knee bends or straightens, the knee cap normally glides smoothly in a groove on the thigh bone called the ‘Patellofemoral groove'. However, for a number...

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Hip Bursitis

Hip Pain???... 🤔 ...You May Have Trochanteric Bursitis Bursitis is inflammation to fluid filled sacs called bursa. Bursae are located in many parts of the body and act to provide cushioning. Pain is usually localised to the outer aspect of the hip (see picture)....

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