About us

The Physio Practice has been setup with you in mind

At The Physio Practice we provide private physiotherapy care, sports massages and pilates classes.
We take pride in providing quality treatment and efficient care for adults and children.
Our appointments are not rushed so that you’re able to understand your condition and ask any questions you may have.

Can you identify with the following?…

It’s obvious to see the growing pressures of the NHS and the effect its having on patients:

  • Longer waiting times
  • Deficiency in patient care
  • Short or rushed appointments with no further understanding of your condition or how your prescribed exercises will help
  • Lack of funding to pay for the required amount of sessions realistically needed to get you better

The Physio Practice was setup to take the patient’s problems and use them as the driving force for what we do.




Why we’re different

The Physio Practice offers:

    • Affordable private Physio with longer treatment times
    • In-house Pilates groups, offering a cost-effective alternative for patients who may not require one-one sessions but will still benefit from physiotherapy contact
    • Time into educating you about your condition and how treatment will help
    • Online access to any prescribed exercises
    • A vast variety of treatment options such as:

Medical acupuncture  – similar to acupuncture but based on western medicine
Kinesio and rigid taping – a method using tape to help support and correct muscles and joints
Exercise Pilates – Pilates exercise groups designed and ran by physiotherapists to help target your pain
Ultra sound – to help facilitate muscle/tissue repair after damage
Sports Massage – to help relax muscles and ease spasms
Hands on joint and muscle manipulation

The Physio Practice:

17c Woodstock Road

0115 849 0894

To find out more about what we do arrange a consultation.